Elaine Baldwin

Executive Director

Just F.O.C.U.S. was founded by Elaine Baldwin in 2019. She is a U.S. Army 25 years retired veteran. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and pursuing her MPA. She has always been passionate about giving back to others. She enjoys working with children. She started by doing a book bag drive and donations to five teachers in 2018 to the Hurricane victim's in her hometown of Jacob City, Florida. She was able to assist over 100 families during that time. It was such a success she continued the next year as well. This gave her the idea to start a non profit organization to assist kids of all cultures through her program. 

Marvin Gray

Chief Operations Director

Marvin is a U.S. Army 20 years retired veteran. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.  He enjoys dedicating his time to mentor young teenage boys to prepare them for their future. He enjoys volunteering to coach young boys on sports and how it will develop them in life. His hard work and dedication is fundamental in assisting young men and women for their future. He is passionate about Just F.O.C.U.S. and the mission of the organization. 

Tiffany Vicks

Administrative Director

Tiffany has been working with military families for over 25 years. She is pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Development. She is a Daycare Provider at a military facility for children ages newborn to 5 years old. She finds enjoyment in working with children, helping them to be self sufficient and comprehend basic tasks.  She dedicates extra time to mentor other kids she work with in the community.

Alton Vicks III

Financial Plans Director

Alton is a U.S. Air Force 20 years retired veteran. Although he is retired, he finds himself still highly involved with events in his community.  He uses his time to plan our book bag drives, community service and food drive. He enjoys the day to day operation in his planning efforts to continue to mentor and assist as many kids as possible through our program. 

Anthony Cochran-Burks

Public Relations Director

Anthony is a U.S. Army retired Iraq war veteran & entrepreneur. He has multiple degrees & certifications & is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management. His goal has always been to assist in his community & to show new opportunities to young adults. He strives on giving back to local communities or however he can be of assistance to others. He is an avid philanthropist to different organizations. 

Steven Dean

Development Director

Steven is a U.S. Navy 26 years retired Navy Chief veteran. He has a Master's in Science and Health Administration and a  Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He has committed many years to assisting young adults with career goals and progression as the HR of the USN Recruiting Command. He thrives on mentoring young men to develop interpersonal and social skills. He exemplifies the trustworthy and dependable personification for young men to emulate.